Monday, January 01, 1990

Storymap Preparation

In Legends of Alyria, all the players in the gaming group share in the preparation of the situation, immediate setting, and major characters. The results of this preparation are outlined as a tangle of characters and relationships called a storymap. Creation of a quality storymap is central to an enjoyable game of Legends of Alyria. Therefore, it is important that the gaming group put sufficient care into the prep work that needs to be done. Rushed preparation will lead to bland or frustrating play. Generally speaking, it is best if the entire first session be devoted exclusively to preparation of this storymap.

Here are the steps for preparation of the storymap.
1. State the conflict
2. Create the major roles
3. Create the character relationships
4. Assign the roles
5. Generate the character attributes
6. Create the priming event


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