Monday, January 01, 1990

Other Ideas--The Isle of Refuge

Somewhere deep in the Sea of Mist is a small island. It is not listed on any charts of the Sea. Its existence is not officially acknowledged by the Citadel or the Keepers. Yet in the underground community of Misbegotten and Blessed, it is a legendary haven of peace and rest. It is none other than the Isle of Refuge, a place where all are welcome and none are turned away. Misbegotten, rogue Restored, Blessed, all can be found on this island, joined in peace and harmony. It is the perfect place to be, if you are an outcast.

Or is it? No one knows who runs the Island. Certainly, the Council is said to oversee the people of the island, but no one knows who is on the Council. Is this for their protection? Or is there a darker secret being hidden?

What if a mist ship ran aground on the Isle of Refuge? Would the scared sailors be able to cooperate with its misshapen inhabitants? Would the rogue Restored try to recruit the Restored crew of the ship? What if the mist ship were a troop transport? What if the Citadel actually controls the Isle, using it like a concentration camp for the undesired? What if the dragon cultists run the island, feeding off the pain and sorrow of those that dwell there?


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