Monday, January 01, 1990

Blood of Haven: Priming Event

The situation at the beginning of the scenario is grim for Haven. The village lies in the middle of a wide valley with only a couple of passes that lead over the surrounding mountain ranges. Uriel has already sealed off these passes and is considering his next move.

However, his hand is forced. A party of farmers sets out from Haven for Longville, a trading post approximately a week’s travel away. They are attacked by houns at the pass and are overwhelmed. Only one farmer escapes from the ambush to return to Haven with the news.

And so, as the story opens, the remaining farmer from the caravan staggers into Haven. He is delirious, raving about monstrous creatures in the mountains. At the same time, Uriel receives word from his patrol that the first blow has been struck.
At this point, the players must take over. How do Jochebed and Victor react? What do the villagers do? For that matter, how does Uriel react? If he had planned to attack Haven, he might be happy with this turn of events. But what if he had something else in mind? Has he already lost control of his schemes?


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