Monday, January 01, 1990

The Citadel--The Commoners

For the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Citadel, life is harsh, cruel, and pointless. Grey-cloaked to keep off the rain, faces wrapped in scarves to keep out the grit, they trudge through life, empty and dispirited. Many have never been outside the walls of the Citadel, and they will die in the shadow of these iron buildings.

Every day hundreds die. Some are killed in accidents in the factories. Others are slaughtered by ill-tempered Noble Born for failing to bow quickly enough to show proper respect. Still others die from the polluted air, coughing until their lungs bleed. They are cattle, and they are slaughtered like cattle.

Yet there are those who refuse to surrender to their fate. Among the commoners, many revolutionary causes are stirring. Some fight to free the Restored or legitimize the Misbegotten. Others seek to improve working conditions. Still others murmur of revolt against the Noble Houses. Both the militia and the warriors of the Noble Houses have been kept quite busy putting down these threats. Who knows? One day the common people may awaken with a new resolve and discover that they are strong.


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