Monday, January 01, 1990

Other Ideas--The Five Hundred

Every High Lord has his elite guards that watch over his manor, guard his rest, and perform his most delicate tasks. One of these elite units has existed from before the discovery of Alyria. They are the Five Hundred.

In the beginning there were five hundred men in this fighting unit. Each of them was equipped with a nanotech suit of armor that molded to his body and could reshape itself with only a mental command. With but a thought, a normal human being could gird himself with quicksilver armor and dash into battle. This armor could protect both from weaponry and from the ravages of the outer Sea of Mist. It also functioned as the sole weapon for the men of the Five Hundred as it could extrude blades or other weapons. A single warrior clad in quicksilver armor is a powerful force on the battlefield.

The Five Hundred acquitted themselves well during the Rape. Wherever the fighting was heaviest, one of their number would appear to rally the faltering troops. The price that they paid was bitter. Fully two hundred of their number perished in the streets of Kryshana.

The general of the Five Hundred would not allow this state of events to continue. He mustered his unit and had them gather two hundred men who had fought well during the Rape. These men were inducted into the unit. Each one replaced one of the fallen, receiving the dead man’s name and quicksilver armor. Thus the bravery of the dead warriors would not be forgotten.

This tradition has continued until this day. Whenever one of the Five Hundred dies, his armor is collected by a comrade. Then a replacement is nominated. In a secret ceremony, the novice swears absolute fealty to the High Lord and receives his armor and name.

What sort of mission would require the personal attention of one of the Five Hundred? What about a squad of the Five Hundred? Does it violate the code of honor of the Five Hundred to act as assassins? How do the other High Lords react to the High Lord who commands the Five Hundred? Do the Keepers lay claim to the “magical” quicksilver armor used by the Five Hundred? Who controls the nomination process for new warriors, and for what purpose?


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