Monday, January 01, 1990

The Citadel--The Merchants

As the Citadel has grown more prosperous, there have been those among the commoners who have managed to take advantage of the changing times. They have discovered the profit that can be earned by fulfilling the needs and desires of the rich.

And so, a new merchant class is emerging in the Citadel. Compared to the common rabble that throngs the streets, even the poorest of the rising middle-class is well off. Many merchants have been accepted into noble society. Indeed, some Noble-born have borrowed large amounts of money to these merchants, leaving them indebted to these commoners. A few of the wealthiest merchants have estates that rival the Noble Houses. These merchants wield much power.

And yet, they are still not nobility. They must still bow their heads to the Noble-born that pass them by in the streets, and their lives are still forfeit if they disobey. Most accept their lot in life, working hard to maintain the position that they have earned. However, mutters of discontent rumble through the marketplaces and guildhalls of the Citadel. The winds of change are blowing, and the storm may soon break over the Noble Houses.


Blogger Zand-noble said...

Nobility is not a birthright - it is defined by ones actions - Kevin Kostner Robin Hood - hear hear.

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