Monday, January 01, 1990

Conflict Resolution--Use of Inspiration or Corruption

At this point, either opponent may spend a point of I/C to resolve the conflict without rolling the dice. If Inspiration is spent, the conflict is resolved in some way that favors Good. Corruption, however, resolves the conflict for Evil. Again, note that this is not character subjective. The resolution is not good or bad for the character spending the I/C. Rather, it is based on the overall situation. Inspiration swings the overall situation toward Good, while Corruption swings the overall situation towards Evil. The opposing player can cancel this effect by paying a point of I/C himself. Inspiration will cancel Corruption and Corruption will cancel Inspiration.

This opportunity only exists before Traits are activated for the first exchange. After that point, this option is no longer available.

Example: Selena’s player is ready to roll dice, but Tenebros’s player has other plans. Grinning broadly, he spends a point of Corruption. Selena does not have any Inspiration to spend so the conflict is resolved in the favor of Evil. Tenebros begins to rail against her, calling into question her intelligence and parentage. She tries to deflect his cruel, cutting words but quails under his verbal assault. Finally, she breaks into tears and rushes from the room, followed by his mocking laughter.


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