Monday, January 01, 1990

Other Ideas--The Dragon Spawn

The dragons were not content merely to gift their cultists with dark power. Some they took and twisted, both in body and soul, to create monstrous beings of tremendous power. These dragon spawn, as they are called, establish themselves in mighty citadels and rule over the dark and twisted dragonrealms that are found in the depths of the wilderness of Alyria. The trees of these dragonrealms are huge and twisted, and the mountains themselves are wracked with agony. The animals are twisted into dark Misbegotten, bloodthirsty and sadistic. The land screams out in pain. And, what is worse, the corruption is spreading.

What if a small farming village found itself on the verge of being absorbed into a dragonrealm? How would the populace react when the monsters began attacking the outlying homes? What about when the crops began to wither? Would they choose to leave, or would they choose to fight? How can the corruption of a dragonrealm be reversed, anyways?


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