Monday, January 01, 1990

Blood of Haven: A Sample Storymap

Somewhere in the wilderness of Alyria lies the small village of Haven. It is a nowhere town in a nowhere land, content to ignore the outside world and to be left alone. The nearest town is two weeks away, which is where the farmers of Haven go to trade for items and equipment that they need. It is a hard existence, but the people of Haven are happy. After all, nothing ever happens here. Nothing at all.

But this idyllic village holds a dark secret. Twenty years ago, this village condemned a child to die. He was forced from the village and left to wander the wilderness alone. His only crime: being different. Having a strange power that the villagers both desired and feared. And so he was cast out. He should have died. Instead, sustained by his innate power, he has grown to manhood in the wilderness. Gathering an army of twisted creatures around him, he is returning to Haven for revenge.

Revenge against the village who hated him.

Revenge against the father who failed to save him.

Revenge against the woman who claimed to love him.


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