Monday, January 01, 1990

The Ark--The Colonies

When the Ark opened, the Twin Councils launched a massive program of colonization, freeing the populace from the tight population controls that they had imposed and encouraging the settlement of new territory. Now there exist many small villages and towns that are peopled by the Numbered of the Ark. These colonies are the only hope for the future of the Ark. There is simply not enough space in the Ark, and the territory being held by the colonists will provide room for years to come. And yet, the most dangerous threats to the Numbered way of life are to be found in the colonies. Contact with Citadel explorers and the inhabitants of the wilderness have brought new ideas into the conservative society of the Numbered, and the Named have found much support in the colonies. Some rumors even speak of entire Ark villages that have gone Named, discarding their masks and duty numbers in favor of names. The Twin Councils are at a loss, uncertain of how to proceed. Some argue for patience, while others claim that the rebel Named must be purged. Yet none can deny this: a civil war is brewing.


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