Monday, January 01, 1990

Conflict Resolution

Legends of Alyria assumes the use of this conflict resolution system for all conflicts, both combat and non-combat. This means that scenes frequently resolved through pure roleplaying in other systems will require a roll in Legends of Alyria. This could include any of the following situations:
A holy warrior being tempted by a prostitute
Two characters debating in a council of war
A thief trying to talk his way past a guard

In cases like these, if the die roll dictates a certain result, the players of the characters must conform their roleplaying to the result given, even if it goes against the player’s better judgment. For example, if the thief wins the conflict, then the guard must let him pass, even if the guard’s player does not want to do so.
This is important to remember, because the conflicts in Legends of Alyria are frequently non-physical in nature, and it is important that the system be applied to all conflicts equally.

Here are the steps of conflict resolution:

1. Establish tension level of conflict
2. Determine character goal and Attribute
3. Use I/C if desired
4. Activate any appropriate Traits
5. Roll dice and evaluate results
6. Award I/C


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