Monday, January 01, 1990

The Dragons and the Dragon Cultists

Dragons. Giant insect-like creatures with skeletal bodies and tattered wings. Green burning eyes. Beings of pure nightmare.

Little is known of the origins of the dragons. Perhaps they are a species native to Alyria. Maybe they also came down from the skies, like the Progenitors. Some Keeper mystics even argue that they are the externalization of the darker side of humanity and that they were evoked by the arrival of the Progenitors to Alyria. No one truly knows, except the dragons. Yet their goal is clear: the destruction of all that is good, true and beautiful on Alyria and the complete enslavement and eternal torment of every living being on its surface.

Why pursue such a course? It is painfully simple. The dragons feast on pain. Pain caused by malice. A child stubbing his toe or even someone dying by accident does little for the appetite of these horrible beings. Torture, slaughter, mayhem—these are the dragons’ true delicacies. Nor are they alone in this. Many willingly offer them service in the hopes that when the dragons set up the New Order, they will be among the rulers of the eternally tormented. Little kings with fiefdoms of hell.
The dragons dwell deep within the Sea of Mist and only rarely rise to the surface. Normally, they rule through dreams, speaking their depraved desires to their mortal followers, who eagerly await their dark commands. These dragon cultists can be found in every society and every societal class. Some gather in covens to perform dark rites in honor of the dragons. Others practice their perversions quietly. There is no orthodox ritual among the dragon cultists. Instead, what unites them is their mission. For each dragon cultist, regardless of wealth or station, is dedicated to one purpose: the spreading of pain. The lowest farmer can still sabotage his neighbor’s crops or spread hurtful rumors among the inhabitants of his little village. The mighty Noble-born can do so much more. Yet each contributes to the feeding and the glory of the dragons.

Some dragon cultists manage to attract the special attention of their dark masters. To these favored ones, the dragons give gifts of supernatural power and ability, such as the ability to give or take health with a touch or the power to travel long distances with only a thought. These Dark Gifts enable these cultists to perform even greater works of darkness, while also further corrupting the souls of those that use them.

In the world of Alyria, there are many who pursue goals that seem right to them. There are many who are mean or rude or selfish. There are many who abuse the power that has been given to them. But only the dragon cultists pursue true Evil with eyes wide open, knowing full well what they are doing and choosing to betray all humanity for the sake of power.

May the darkness swallow them.


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