Monday, January 01, 1990

Conflict Resolution--Roll Dice and Evaluate Results

Assuming that no one spends I/C to resolve the conflict, both sides now roll a Clock Die. The die roll is a success if it is greater than or equal to the target moon phase. If one side succeeds but the other side does not, then the successful side wins the die roll. If both sides succeed, then the side with the higher temporary Attribute wins the die roll. Failure by both sides leads to an inconclusive result.

Sext—Rolling Sext is very good. Anyone who rolls Sext automatically wins the exchange if his opponent did not roll Sext. If both sides roll Sext, then resolve by comparing temporary Attribute values as normal.

Devil’s Hour—Rolling Devil’s Hour is very bad. This is automatic failure and the character making the roll should be assumed to have seriously botched some aspect of his action. If both sides roll the Devil's Hour, both sides fail miserably.

If a character succeeds by rolling Sext or by having his opponent roll Devil’s Hour, then the die roll counts as two successful exchanges towards the number of exchanges needed to win, as set by the tension level. If a character succeeds by rolling Sext and his opponent rolls the Devil’s Hour, then the die roll counts as three successful exchanges (i.e. he wins immediately).

The result of the exchange should then be narrated. (For more details on this process, see “The Art of Narration” below.) Final success may not be narrated until the character has won enough exchanges to meet the tension level. If final success has not been achieved, then return to Trait Activation for the next exchange.


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