Monday, January 01, 1990

Conflict Resolution--Award I/C

Once the conflict is completed, then the characters are awarded I/C by the same player that set the tension level (normally the Narrator). The amount of I/C to be awarded is determined by the tension level.
Low: 1
Medium: 2
High: 3

The I/C listed on the chart is divided between the two characters in any way that the awarding player desires. Please note that the amount of I/C on the chart is the total amount to be awarded, not the total amount per character. So, for example, at the end of a High Tension conflict, the awarding player will hand out 3 points of I/C.

When dividing this I/C award, the awarding player should consider what sorts of choices were made by the characters and which Traits were activated. A character pursuing an evil course or employing an evil Trait (even if it was activated against his will) should be given Corruption, whereas a character using a good Trait or pursuing a good course should be awarded Inspiration.

It is best to think of the I/C award as a method for the awarding player to comment on the choices of the characters and the outcome of their conflict. Again, this calls for the player to pass judgment on the characters. The characters’ opinions are unimportant in making this determination. The awarding player judges the characters’ actions and makes awards as he sees fit.


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