Monday, January 01, 1990

The Ark--The Named

But there are those who are restless. New ideas have come with the opening of the Ark, and there are some who feel that change is needed. They see the Numbered way of life as an abomination, and instead they choose to live lives of individuality. They call themselves the Named, for they discard their duty numbers in favor of actual names.

Some do this openly, perhaps declaring themselves in a section meeting, or refusing to wear their mask. Others do this quietly, living double lives. All are a threat to the fabric of Ark society and are met with harsh reprisals.

And what do these rebels want? The answer is as varied as the bizarre names that they choose for themselves. Some idealists wish for a better society, where the needs of the group and individual are harmonized. Others seek escape from the asceticism of the Ark, turning to shocking hedonistic displays. Still others mutter of revolution, throwing off the Twin Councils or burning the Ark to the ground. Yet in the minds of the Numbered, they are all deadly, and all are hunted vigorously.


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