Monday, January 01, 1990

Conflict Resolution--Establish Tension Level

The first step in resolving a conflict is for the group to establish the tension level of the conflict. The tension level determines the number of successful die rolls (or “exchanges”) that a character needs in order to win the conflict. The three tension levels are as follows:

Low: 1 die roll
Medium: 2 die rolls
High: 3 die rolls

Normally the Narrator is responsible for establishing the tension level, but this may vary in different groups. See the Narration section for more details.

Example: Sirus is facing off against a dragon on the deck of a mist ship. The conflict being resolved is their combat. The Narrator decides that this is a climactic moment in the story and establishes the tension level as being “high”. Sirius will need to win three exchanges in order to triumph over the dragon

Example: Selena, resplendent in her shimmering evening gown, is attending a ball in the home of one of the Citadel’s High Lords. She is hoping to make use of her influence to affect the current policies towards the Restored in the Citadel. However, her political rival Tenebros is at the ball as well. The two begin to engage in verbal sparring over political matters. The Narrator decides that this is not a particularly significant part of the story and sets the tension level as “low”. Selena will only need to win one exchange to succeed against Tenebros.


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