Monday, January 01, 1990

Other Ideas--The Sea of Darkness

The Progenitors hedged their bets. Somewhere in Alyria, probably near the Core, are two functioning shuttles from the Progenitor ship. The actual spaceship is still in orbit around Alyria. It is still in functioning order. Of course, Alyrians know nothing of spaceships. However, they might understand space as the Sea of Darkness, analogous with the famous Sea of Mist. Perhaps the Alyrians would see the Progenitor ship as a darkship, designed to sail on the Sea of Darkness. What sort of crew would be required to man such a ship? Who might find these shuttles? What would the ruling powers be willing to do to claim them? What sorts of stresses are involved in space travel? What would intrepid explorers find in the Sea of Darkness? Have the Outsiders consumed the worlds that circle other stars? Or have other human civilizations arisen from the panic of the Long Exodus?


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