Monday, January 01, 1990


Written and designed by Seth Ben-Ezra

Additional material by Mark Eddy

Thanks to Scarlet Jester for his assistance with system design

Playtesters: Crystal Ben-Ezra, Gabrielle Ben-Ezra, Seth Ben-Ezra, Caitlin Coyne, Ron Edwards, Jens Fehn, Adiel Gardner, Joshua Gardner, Bernd Haberstumpf, Jörg John, Katrin Kockrow, Jürgen Mayer, Ralph Mazza, Jeremy McCabe, Elizabeth Otulokowski, Tom Otulokowski, Jason Petrini, Matt Weinberg

Clock Face graphics done by Raven Daegmorgan

"Blood Moon Rising" done by Andy Tharp

"Digger Paladin" done by Jasper Polane

"Uriel and houns" done by Jonathan Walton

Character sheet created by Ben Morgan


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It'd be cool* to have a separate blog entry for the Contents here in the January 1990 section. It'd also be good if every other entry had a link to it (although that's not so necessary cos you could always backspace to the Contents).

* Cool = have enhanced utility for readers, I think.

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