Monday, January 01, 1990

The Citadel--The High Lords

Five High Lords rule the Citadel, each the supreme leader of a Noble House. These Noble Houses are the descendents of the original five military units that were stationed in the Citadel. Originally their rule was to be temporary. But as the struggle for survival after the Rape stretched on for years, and then decades, the people became accustomed to military rule. Military expediency begat military politics. The five generals became the first High Lords and founded their Noble Houses, passing their titles down to their descendents.

Each High Lord has control of a certain section of the Citadel, which he administers. The warriors of his household are responsible for maintaining the peace in his territory, and he is expected to extract taxes from those living in his territory. For all intents and purposes, each High Lord is supreme in his own territory.

However, many situations affect the Citadel as a whole. Therefore the High Lords meet as the High Council to decide such matters. Normally a Keeper sits on the Council as well, although he cannot vote. Each High Lord only gets one vote; none wields more power than any other. At least, this is the theory. In reality, many times throughout the Citadel’s history one High Lord has wielded enough influence to bend the entire Council to his will. The Council Chamber is in a neutral part of the Citadel, and, by tradition, each High Lord is only permitted a small honor guard. Traditionally, the Council Chamber is free from violence and bloodshed, but traditions are sometimes broken.


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